Real IoT solutions
for real monitoring applications

Our IoT monitoring devices, sensors and software create remote monitoring solutions for your business.

Manufactured  in Europe, focused on quality and user experience. 

IoT system for your business

Are you an IT administrator? Wine shop owner? Warehouse manager? Do you run an AirBnB place or a small pharmacy?  

Whatever you do, we have real solutions for your monitoring needs.  Our devices will alert you when it’s critical, the portal  will send you a report when it’s required and you can analyze everything when you need. 


 You set the system up in a few clicks so you can focus on what is important – your business. 

SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app

What solution are you looking for?

Remote monitoring in data centers

You servers and IT need to be protected from overheating, fire and water damage. Monitoring is needed to optimize the server room parameters. 

SensDesk icon Solutions Pharmacy medical 2

Monitor critical parameters of your drug storage and get notified when there is a problem. Create certified reports for the authorities. 

Make sure your guests have comfortable temperature, humidity and air quality in the room. Prevent damages by water leaks and fire. 

Need a different solution?

Help us build the perfect solution for you.


Our IoT devices can serve hundreds of applications. We will be happy to design a system for your business.


Just let us know about it.