Monitoring for Datacenters and Server rooms

Secure remote monitoring  solution for server  rooms, IT infrastructure and datacentres.
Created with 17 years of experience in IoT and made in Europe.

Reliable, secure, SNMP v3 enabled

We focus on quality, security and industrial standards.  Our monitoring units are compatible with  countless 3rd party SNMP monitoring systems. 

Remote monitoring - Sensdesk Dashboard

IoT Portal supported, but not required

Do you prefer you current SNMP monitoring? Then just connect our devices directly. Do you like the IoT portal management? No problem. Or why not use both at once?

Remote output control

Easy to setup, install anD expand

Out solution is build with IT in mind. Everything is easy to  wire and setup.   Monitoring devices  and sensors can be rack mounted. Our hardware is  built and tested for the  IT environment. 

How it all works together?

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SensDesk IoT monitoring portal

SensDesk is the place where all your monitoring data come together.  

 Everything is easy to setup, just connect your HW group devices to the network, create an account and start monitoring!

With SensDesk you can easily create ranges for your safe values, arrange your sensors into groups and locations, create alerts and manage your whole monitoring system.

Sensdesk  can be also used  side by side with another SNMP monitoring system. You can also use the SensDesk to gather the data from all your monitoring units and provide it in one place to your SNMP monitoring. 

SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app

What can you do with the SensDesk IoT portal?

Get started with our selected devices

Here are some typical sets of devices and sensors to get you started monitoring. The set contains everything you need to get your data to the SensDesk IoT portal and beyond.  Don’t worry if you cannot find the right sensors, we got many more. Just contact us. 

STE2 - entry level remote monitoring device


Basic monitoring with SNMP
  • Temperature sensor included
  • WiFi and Ethenet (PoE)
  • Supports up to 4 sensors
  • SNMP V1 (no traps)
Poseidon2 3266 - cost effective professional IT monitoring device

Poseidon2 3266

Professional server room monitoring
  • Temperature sensor included
  • Up to 8 sensors and 4 detectors
  • Datalogger, pulse counters
  • SNMP v3 with traps
Poseidon2 advanced remote monitoring device

Poseidon2 4002

Professional data center monitoring
  • Temperature sensor and door contact
  • Up to 16 sensors and 12 detectors
  • 4 relay outputs with conditions
  • SNMP v3 with traps
Walter leak detection monitoring device

Water leak detection

Detect water under floors or along pipes
  • Includes 2m of detection cable
  • Up to 60m of detection cable
  • Resistant to EMC and false alarms
  • Easy to install and prolong

We have a portfolio of hundreds of sensors, detectors and devices. Temperature, humidity, water leaks, voltage, current, motion, air quality, light and many more. Just get in touch with us and we will help you choose the right one.

No problem. We have other devices capable of transferring data over GPRS, LTE or Narrowband IoT. We can always find a way to get you connected, just let us know. 

Over the years we have been lucky to participate in many created many large scale projects and special applications. We have our own design and development and we can create a custom solution for you. Just tell us more. 

If you don’t feel like sharing your data to our cloud, we can share our cloud with you. The SensDesk IoT portal can be installed on your server and will work even in closed enviromnents and behind firewalls. Our devices use a push protocol and you do not need to open any ports for us. 

We know your data is sensitive and the IoT devices are a target for hackers. Years of IoT development and experience mean we take security very seriously. Our devices are used in many sensitive applications, such as banking or high tier datacenters. 

Full product catalog

If you want to explore all the monitoring options, here’s everything in one place – just grab the new HW group Product Catalog.


It contains all our sensors, IoT remote monitoring devices and software. It also features a few tips on applications and how to get started. 

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SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app


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SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app

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SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app