We are HW group
We make IoT for remote monitoring

A complete ecosystem of IoT monitoring devices, sensors. and software. 
Made in Europe with 17 years of experience. 

We do not promise. We deliver.

We make hundreds of IoT devices and sensors. We do our own design, research and development. We manufacture the electronics in the best European companies and we test our devices in renowned certification labs.


We do it all with one aim – quality.  We want  your IoT device to be running for years. We believe you should get free and regular firmware updates. We do everything so that you can rely on  our devices and trust our data.


Because your business depends on it. 

HW group IoT monitoring units

Our valued customers

Below are some of the companies we helped with their IoT monitoring solutions. We would be honored if your company  was the next.

Remote monitoring customer - Philips
Remote monitoring customer - Volvo
Remote monitoring customer - Vienna International Airport
Remote monitoring customer - Verizon
Remote monitoring customer - Skoda Auto
Remote monitoring customer - Rijks Museum
Remote monitoring customer - Siemens
Remote monitoring customer - RAI
Remote monitoring customer - Quiksilver
Remote monitoring customer - MTV Networks
Remote monitoring customer - Mitsubishi Motors
Remote monitoring customer - Allianz
Remote monitoring customer - Mercedes Benz

Contact us

We will be happy to hear from you.  If you need help with a project,  our team can design a solution for you. 


We are also looking for distributors. If your company is interested, just let us know.

Where are we?

Our company is in Prague, Czech Republic.  All our manufacturing takes place in the Czech Republic too. 

Global: +420 222 511 918
From USA: 011 420 222 511 918

HW group s. r. o.
Formanská 296, Prague, 149 00,
Czech Republic, Europe

Sales Enquiries: sales@hwg.cz

Technical support: support@hwg.cz

Order processing: orders@hwg.cz


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SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app


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SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app

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SensDesk IoT monitoring portal on a laptop and as a mobile app